Some Innovative and Fabulous Locations to get your Wedding Photo Shoot At

If you live in Kelowna and are looking forward to getting an amazing photo shoot on your wedding day, then you are surely at the right place. It is understandable that wedding shoots are extremely important to people since they capture that special day forever. This is why people want their photo shoots to be unique and different. In this regard, you will be amazed to know about one Kelowna wedding photographer, Eric Draht, who takes your wedding pictures to the next level. He makes sure that your pictures are unique and different by choosing innovative locations to have your photo shoot. Let us have a deeper insight into various locations which this Kelowna photographer prefers.

Car wedding photo shoots

Have you ever imagined yourself holding your spouse’s hand and staring into his or her eyes with a light smile on your face? Of course you must have done that. Well, now imagine you doing that with an empty road in the background with a single car close to you? Whether you would like to have a picture holding your spouse’s hand or kissing them while sitting on top of the car; you will get exactly the pictures that you imagine of. This Kelowna wedding photographer at Draht photography exactly knows about the poses that will result in the best pictures and will guide you to make sure that the pictures are perfect.

Mountainous areas

What can be more romantic that lying beside your spouse on the soft and cold grass, close to a lot of mountains that simply make you go crazy? Now imagine getting this unique moment captured on camera in the form of a picture in the most memorable way possible. Who can so no to this amazing offer from this Kelowna wedding photographer?


There are a lot of nice moments to capture in the background when having a photo shoot in the countryside. You can have pictures close to a horse nearby the trees or you can sit nearby a calm lake.

Midnight photo shoot

Clicking good pictures at midnight is surely an art; not everyone is able to capture the full moon in the background while you hold your loved one in your arms and kiss them under the moonlight. However, this Kelowna photographer will surely surprise you with his skill in this regard.

Ancient buildings

One of the hot places to have a wedding photo shoot these days is an ancient and historical building. So just let this Kelowna photographer know about the building which you like and he will arrange for a photo shoot for you there.